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Eton Hall School System

Eaton Hall School offering Rs 200 per admission for the durration till admitteted student remain in school. You can market the school and get your business share. From Eton Hall School System. 621-D, Peoples Colony, Faisalabad. Pakistan.


Avian Pacific Business Club Has Started Its Activities For Registration Go To On Line Registration OR Receive Registration Form From University Photo State, Agriculture University Faisalabad. Attach Student Card with Registration Form.

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Welcome to Avian Pacific Business Club (APBC)
                                 THIS SITE IS DADICATED TO
                                HOLY PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD MUSTAFA AHMAD-A-MUJTABA                   
            (Peace and Blessings of ALLAH be upon Him)

                                   Mission of this Club is to promote Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Avian Pacific Business Club is designed to involve the students in the business of their respective field of study.
  • Business companies allied with APBC will train the students through seminars and workshops and they will also offer the students a specific percentage for the sale of their products.
  • All the business transactions of the students will be documented.
  • The club will provide the experience certificate to the member students based upon their performance.
  • Business Experience Certificate will not only help the students to get job, but it will also help them to asses themselves to start their own business.
  • This club is also a big opportunity for the newly emerging business companies to start their marketing at very low inputs.
  • Allied companies have the opportunity to select talented students as their future employees and partners. 

                         Unemployment can be reduced with Self-Employment

A project of Avian Pacific Traders and Consultants                           
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